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Leila Spilman,Sexy Pattycakes.We want to hear about you and I will train you to model! my My address is 537 So Santa Fe Suite #10 Vista, CA. 92058 Brian Sietman Call 442-262-4169 or No pictures?No problem!We will take pictures of you for free!Contact us for an appointment.


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Please check the following three items, that you will be sending us;
1. Any and all Art, Glamour, Entertainment, Modeling, Sports Photos (stills or video), that you believe, is appropriate, for Marketing Yourself. Disk, File Attachments, Hard Copy (actual Photo),by Regular Mail or email.
2. A simple Statement signed by you, giving us permission to Solicit Work, on your behalf, dated.
3. Documented proof, (i.e. Driver's License State and Operator's Number, (picture I.D.) any other suitable, Official Photo. I.D., (i.e. School or College, University I.D. Card, Military, VA, Social Security, Membership Card, etc., which shows your age, to be 18 or over. All minors please submit a statement of Permission, signed by yourself and Guardian/Parent.

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